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Wedding & Event Stationery

(Rebranded from Lala Design)

Business mentor & BRANDING

Photography Backdrops

Positivity & fragrance



Paper & Ink Studio – where love meets artistry.

At Paper & Ink Studio, we are passionate about bringing your wedding dreams to life through exquisite stationery. Whether you’re looking for personalised wedding stationery from our ready-to-order designs or seeking custom creations that reflect your unique style, we have you covered.

(Rebranded from Lala Design)



Lala for Business – making small business better.

Your small business can be better, and it deserves to be.

You just need a little help from someone who has been where you are, right now. Someone who can offer a better service, better experience and better solutions – and all in one place.

That’s why I started Lala for Business; to bring together the services I know business owners need. The services I myself have tried and tested time and again and formed into real solutions, that actually work.


The Creative Republic

Premium photography backdrops and flatlay backgrounds made in Australia. Available in two different sizes (A1 or A0) and materials (poster paper or vinyl).

Easy to use and available in a wide range of modern colours and textures.



Good Vibe Scents – inspirational car air fresheners, scent pens, and scented salts.

Welcome to the world of Good Vibe Scents, where we’re all about spreading those good vibes! From our inspirational car air fresheners to our innovative scent pens and scented salts, we’ve got everything you need to add that extra dose of happiness to your day.

Get ready to shop ’til you drop, unleash your inner fragrance superstar, and turn those frowns upside down. We’re here to make your world smell amazing, one good vibe at a time.